About this effort

The “Looking Beyond the Internet” group is conducting three workshops intended to discuss new research opportunities in the broad areas of future wireless, networks and clouds. Our goal is to engage the research community to identify potentially transformative network architectures, enabling technologies and applications in three broad categories: software-defined infrastructure, community-scale wireless networks and future applications and services. This group is led by Chip Elliott, Dave Farber, and Larry Landweber, and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Group members are: Suman Banerjee (Wisconsin), Terry Benzel (ISI), Jim Bottum (Clemson), Prasad Calyam (Missouri), Jeff Chase (Duke), Tracy Futhey (Duke), Kate Keahey (ANL / Chicago), Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Rutgers), Rob Ricci (Utah), Glenn Ricart (US Ignite), and Peter Steenkiste (CMU).

This effort will produce four reports – one from each workshop, plus an overarching report by the group itself. All reports will be public once they are available.